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  • The Gorilla Guide to Linux Networking 101

    Sponsored by: Cumulus

    In this e-book, gain valuable insights into Linux networking basics so your organization can meet the growing demands of users by connecting their applications and data as reliably, securely and efficiently as possible.

  • Windows 10 Compatibility: Legacy Apps

    Sponsored by: Flexera Software

    Is your organization for the move to Windows 10? You need to test your legacy applications for compatibility before making the migration to ensure that users remain productive. Access this e-guide to learn how.

  • VDI Gets a Grip on Your Application Packaging and Delivery Strategy

    Sponsored by: Flexera Software

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) pulls focus toward the infrastructure components needed to run a VDI environment, but the reality is that improved application delivery is a major VDI benefit. This e-guide reveals the four steps to app delivery success through VDI.

  • The 3 Signs you are Getting Routered

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    As cloud-first enterprises embrace digital transformation, they must avoid hardware refresh, a network-centric infrastructure that is not app-aware. In this video, uncover the 3 ways your organization is getting routered into endless hardware refresh cycles.

  • Unity EdgeConnect: How to Deliver WAN Optimization On Demand

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Discover how the WAN optimization feature in the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect platform can help enterprises optimize on an app-by-app and branch-by-branch basis. Then, find out how to reduce costs and enhance app performance and user experience through latency mitigation and deduplication.

  • How SD-WAN Accelerates Network Performance and Secures SaaS Apps

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Gain valuable insights into SD-WAN features that help ensure optimal user experience by automatically and dynamically mapping IP addresses to branches in order to steer traffic to its destination using the best path.

  • How to Improve Customer Experience with a High-performance, Managed SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Hughes Network Systems

    Learn how a recent merger led to the company's investment in Hughes Network Systems to help optimize speeds and reliability for high-priority applications by leveraging a cost-effective SD-WAN solution.

  • Containers in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Tata Communications and Intel

    Containers are going to play a growing role in cloud application management. As containers continue to mature, you need to begin adopting containers--if you haven't already--in order to get ahead of your competition. This e-guide gives an in-depth look at how clouds will maximize the benefits of containers.

  • Case Study: How Shutterfly is Increasing Coverage with On-demand Testing

    Sponsored by: Applause

    Learn how Shutterfly, a digital publishing service, partnered with Applause to ensure that over 50 million users a month can create personalized products across a breadth of devices.

  • Universal Application Platform

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Current business practices are forcing IT to support next-generation applications alongside traditional applications, creating new IT challenges. Read on to learn about a universal application platform that enables your IT organization to support all of your applications with common management processes across both private and public clouds.

  • How a National Transportation Software Provider Migrated Test Infrastructure to AWS

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Organizations are looking to transform their businesses and increase agility by moving workloads to the cloud, but need help navigating the smoothest path. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to easily migrate workloads to the cloud, automate testing infrastructure deployment, and cut nearly 55% of IT operational costs.

  • Video Overview: Container as a Service

    Sponsored by: Tata Communications and Intel

    Tune into this video to view the complete features of one Container as a Service (CaaS) offering, which unites the needs of both IT admins and developers to manage ops risk through complete control of secure image registry, port app workloads across geographies, and more.

  • How CA API Gateway Can Help Business Embrace the Cloud

    Sponsored by: CA Technologies

    In this resource, learn about the key features of the CA API Gateway for exposing even legacy apps to mobile devices, cloud services, developers, and more.

  • Tata Communications Dives Deep into Containers, Adds Managed Services for Azure

    Sponsored by: Tata Communications and Intel

    This 451 Research Report takes a closer look at a Containers as a Service (CaaS) offering that aims to shorten the app development cycle while providing the controls, compliance, security (including LDAP/AD integration), and support that matter most to IT admins. Read on to get your copy.

  • APIs and Microservices: How to increase agility for delivering applications

    Sponsored by: CA Technologies

    In the application economy, enterprises require APIs for mobile apps, integration and partner connectivity. In this resource, learn about CA Live API Creator to help create APIs and microservices to enable the customization, agility and security that businesses need as they embrace their digital transformation.

  • 3 Reasons to Accelerate Application Deployment with Automation

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This white paper reveals the three reasons why you need you need to leverage automation for agile app deployment that enables you to respond to the market as needed.

  • Optimize App Performance and Security by Managing Microsoft Workloads on AWS

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    As cloud continues to mature into the new standard for workload deployment, it has been revealed that certain cloud environments better optimize certain applications. If you are running Microsoft apps, there is a cloud platform that goes beyond the typical cloud benefits, optimizing performance and security. Find out more inside.

  • Running Your Microsoft Workloads on Amazon Web Services

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Recent trends have indicated that the cloud is the new standard for workload deployment. By now, it should be clear as to why so many are moving to the cloud, but certain environments better optimize certain workloads. Read this e-book to find out how AWS optimizes Microsoft workloads.

  • Essential Guide: Application Performance Management

    Sponsored by:

    This guide to managing application performance covers transaction speeds, networking, workflow and tools for performance detection and diagnosis.

  • Building an Enterprise App Catalog the Right Way

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Your IT team needs to rethink its delivery models around these new realities of dynamic workplaces and frequent digital disruptions. Read this e-book to learn about the three requirements you will need to cover when building an enterprise application catalog.

  • Ten Steps for Successful Application Platforming in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Atos

    Most organizations are trying to copy the success of "cloud first," like Uber and Netflix, but doing so is a compllicated process that often lead to increased complexity that further slow necessary progress. This paper addresses this and explores ten tips for a successful digital transformation.

  • Accelerate Digital Transformation with High Performance, Agile Container Services

    Sponsored by: Tata Communications and Intel

    Download this datasheet to examine a containers-as-a-service (CaaS) offering that launches Docker containers with pre-built templates and app images, has 3 layers of security, and which enables you to maintain complete container control.

  • Kubernetes as a Service Demo

    Sponsored by: Stratoscale

    Developers need a way to run container-based applications and scale as needed. That's where highly scalable Kubernetes-as-a-service comes in. Take 2 minutes to learn how developers and admins can easily create Kubernetes clusters via an intuitive GUI or APIs while eliminating other manual management, monitoring, and scaling tasks.

  • DevCloud On-Prem for Cloud Native Apps

    Sponsored by: Stratoscale

    The key to achieving agility, simplicity and fast time-to-value in cloud-native applications is having the right foundation in place. Access this white paper to learn about the core building blocks around which you will have to base the rest of your application.

  • Land Rover BAR Sets Sail Towards Sustainable Technology

    Sponsored by: BT

    In this case study, discover how Land Rover BAR's investment with BT has helped take real-time performance monitoring off the water and minimize Land Rover BAR's environmental impact with Virtual Case Boat.

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