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  • Modern Infrastructure – April 2014

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    Some enterprises are charging ahead with a cloud-first approach to their workloads—not just test and dev, but production workloads as well. This most recent, April-edition of Modern Infrastructure details several organizations for whom this cloud-first approach has proved very effective.

  • Enterprise-Grade Management for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    This whitepaper covers a set of management and automation tools that will give you advanced management capabilities in a hybrid cloud environment.

  • Create Instant Clones of SAP Business Apps in AWS

    Sponsored by: CloudVelocity

    This case study analyzes a SAP environment implementation, looking at the time it takes and the costs associated.

  • Clone Oracle Ecommerce Stack into AWS for Cloud DR and Dev/Test

    Sponsored by: CloudVelocity

    This case study details how one company took advantage of Amazon Web Services to provide a personalized customer experience on their transactional websites.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to hybrid cloud

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    Computer Weekly looks at how to find the best hybrid cloud provider for your organisation, the impact of hybrid cloud on the infrastructure manager and how Microsoft is catching up with the cloud market with Azure.

  • Introduction to Amazon Auto Scaling

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    This whitepaper covers how Amazon Web Services Auto Scaling can eliminate the problems that come with automated or manual cloud scaling efforts.

  • Case Study: MobileBridge Outgrows its Existing Database

    Sponsored by: Clustrix

    The mobile relationship and loyalty app engagement platform MobileBridge had outgrown its database strategy – its existing MySQL database on AWS was struggling with query load and concurrency. So how did MobileBridge find database success? This case study reveals all.

  • Computer Weekly storage case studies

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    Antony Adshead takes a look at what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the Computer Weekly European User Awards.

  • Computer Weekly datacentre case studies

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    Jim Mortleman takes a look at what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the Computer Weekly European User Awards.

  • Tips and Tricks to Speed AWS Deployment

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers increased agility, developer productivity, pay-as-you-go pricing, and overall cost savings. But you might wonder where to start. What pitfalls exist, and how can you avoid them? How can you best save time and money? Learn what you need to know and where to start before launching an AWS-hosted service.

  • Introduction to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    This whitepaper covers how Amazon Web Services can help you simplify and remedy all of your database management systems issues.

  • Amazon Web Services: An Overview

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    This whitepaper provides a comprehensive explanation of Amazon Web Services and shows you how it can help your organization.

  • CW Special Report: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Sponsored by:

    This 12 page special report gives you the key facts on Amazon Web Services (AWS), its cloud services, financial performance and strategy.

  • Red Hat gives Adobe a Flexible IT Canvas

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Tune into this brief video today to learn how Adobe is using the Red Hat platform and Amazon Web Services to help customers simplify deployment, lower cost of ownership, and accelerate time to value.

  • Amazon is the new battleground for analytics and data management

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    Businessses should consider Amazon's Redshift data warehouse as a service platform, says Analyst group, Nucleus Research.

  • Accenture Technology Vision 2013

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    Accenture's technology vision assesses the impact of digital technology on the enterprise in 2013 and offers action points for CIOs and business leaders.

  • Cloud Computing: Keeping Control Isn't Easy

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    This e-book chapter covers infrastructure as a service and the benefits it can bring as well as the issues it can cause.

  • NetApp Private Storage for AWS

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    This informative paper explores a partnership that extends how you can leverage the scalability and reliability of Amazon Web Services—in its own right, as backup, as a test/dev environment, or as an innovative extension of your  on premises IT infrastructure. Read on to learn more.

  • Private Storage, Public Cloud—The Perfect Combination for Flexible IT

    Sponsored by: Equinix and NetApp

    This webinar explores a private cloud solution that simplifies disaster recovery, allows for multi-tier backup to the cloud, adheres to stringent compliance requirements and more.

  • TCO Study for SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    This study compares the TCO of SAP environments deployed on premise against those deployed on an Amazon Web Service (AWS). Read more inside to learn how Amazon Web Services saved SAP users up to 69% in infrastructure and operational costs and allows customer the flexibility to place SAP instances and store data within multiple regions worldwide.

  • Migrates to a Eucalyptus On-premise Cloud

    Sponsored by: Eucalyptus Systems

    This essential case study explores how PUMA, a leading sport lifestyle company, leveraged cloud computing to meet unpredictable Web traffic demands and support online marketing efforts. Read on to explore the open source IaaS software platform that helped the company build a solid foundation for the hybrid cloud.

  • Cornell University Powers Red Cloud Infrastructure as a Service with Eucalyptus

    Sponsored by: Eucalyptus Systems

    This case study explores how the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) successfully leveraged an open source on-premise IaaS cloud software platform to build its on-demand research computing service, Red Cloud.

  • A Strategy for Delivering Workloads Between On-premise Eucalyptus IaaS and AWS

    Sponsored by: Eucalyptus Systems

    This essential resource explores a new agreement between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and an open source, on-premise private cloud IaaS provider that promises to ease workload migration challenges when transitioning from existing data centers to the cloud. Learn more about these services in an exclusive Q&A session.

  • An Open Source Recipe for Private and Hybrid Clouds

    Sponsored by: Eucalyptus Systems

    This essential resource uncovers the unique benefits of building a private or hybrid cloud on an open source platform that is fully compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Explore how this combination can help you easily take advantage of all your cloud options.

  • Global Fashion Brand Finds Savings and Speed with Amazon Web Services for SAP

    Sponsored by: Run E2E

    Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. decided to take advantage of the scalability of cloud resources provided on demand by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the self-service reporting of SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. Read this brief case study to learn about the combined Proof of Concept that completed these initiatives in three weeks for less than $500.

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