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  • Cloud Security through Trend Micro Deep Security

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    Inside this brief video, learn about a technology that provides organizations with the tools to mitigate security threats built especially for the cloud. Find out how one click can add security to your instances without you having to manage the entire security infrastructure yourself.

  • Security Best Practices for Amazon Web Services

    Sponsored by: AlienVault

    In this white paper, learn how to be a smart user of AWS with tips for security best practices.

  • Deep Security as a Service

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    Access this datasheet to learn about a technology designed specifically for securing cloud workloads by complementing the cloud service provider's security. Find out the key benefits and how it provides 6 key security capabilities.

  • Deep Security AWS Success

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    This case study highlights how one organization integrated a security platform into their virtualized environment to ensure compliance for public cloud and AWS to provide secure gaming, social networking, and e-commerce services to its customers.

  • Cloud DevOps Makes Its Move

    Sponsored by: SearchAWS

    Companies considering adopting cloud DevOps should plan how to win employees over and how to address security issues.

  • The Importance of Thrid-Party Tools When Using AWS

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    Access this expert e-guide to explore advice to help you better understand the choice between AWS tools and third-party tools and find out when to look for inward or outward tools. Learn about Amazon's free TCO calculator for calculating the true cost of public cloud versus on-premise deployments.

  • Leveraging AWS Data to Manage Spend and Allocate Costs

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    This webcast details how to best harness AWS cost data and learn about more cost management strategies.

  • Getting Costs Under Control with CloudCheckr

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    Access this informative resource to discover a technology that, in just three simple steps, can get your AWS costs under control. Find out how it performs inventory and utilization monitoring, purchasing analysis, and advanced filtering and grouping to help you become an AWS cost master.

  • BI in the Sky: Making Cloud Analytics Work

    Sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics

    Cloud BI offers companies many advantages. Find out if those benefits apply to your organization.

  • Smart Ways to Grow Your AWS Consulting Business and Increase Margins: Use Consolidated Billing, RI Purchases and Volume Discounts, and List Price Invoicing

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    This white paper explores four key ideas to help best capitalize on channel business.

  • 4 Easy Steps for Perfect AWS Cost Management

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    This white paper highlights four steps that will help you fulfill the two components of cost management. Explore a technology that will help to automate these four steps with granular cost and usage reports, inventory and budget alerts, tagged and untagged resource reports, and, idle resource alerts and reserved resource recommendations.

  • Understanding AWS Reserved Instances: Making the Right Decision

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    Access this white paper to explore how to make the RI purchase decision that's right for your organization. Explore a technology that analyzes RI pricing and combines user metrics to provide actionable sizing and RI purchasing recommendations.

  • Leverage the AWS Dataflow To Improve Your Security

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    This white paper highlights a technology that helps to manage this data and surface the most critical and actionable components. Find out how this technology assists each of the three services offered by AWS and help organizations to fulfill all of their security policies and compliance mandates.

  • AWS Tagging: Why, What, and Implementation

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    Inside this white paper, discover how tagging provides visibility into AWS, therefore restoring control. Find out why it's important to tag resources and strategies for an effective implementation, including 5 guidelines to optimize tag implementation. Learn how a technology is designed to help leverage tagging.

  • Explore Hybrid Cloud Computing's Uses and Best Practices

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Inside this expert essential guide, explore the pros, cons, types, and benefits of hybrid cloud approaches. Learn what is driving enterprise IT to the hybrid cloud model and how to pick your hybrid cloud strategy's starting point based on public or private cloud computing. Find out how the enterprise market is shaping AWS hybrid cloud strategy.

  • Moving Data to the AWS Cloud

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Inside this exclusive e-guide, learn about the three broad categories of storage in the world of the AWS cloud and the many database choices. Also, find out the advantages of leveraging object storage.

  • NetApp expands to add new service offerings

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    NetApp added Cloud Ontap to its arsenal. Learn more about this software-only version of its Data Ontap operating system in this expert e-guide, and discover how NetApp allows customers back up to private and public clouds to their SteelStore platform.

  • Why AWS storage doesn't have to be a complex undertaking

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Inside this expert e-guide explore different AWS storage services and find out experts' advice to companies on how they can deduce which is a fit for their needs.

  • Introducing Amazon RDS for Aurora

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    Discover how the enhanced performance and reliability of Amazon Aurora will help AWS customers reduce performance bottlenecks in their applications. The relatively low cost of Aurora will tempt many customers to migrate workloads to this implementation of RDS.

  • NetApp Multi-Cloud Private Storage- Take charge of Your Cloud Data

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Access this white paper to discover the emergence of new hybrid architectures that give IT organizations the same enterprise-class security, data protection, and performance they have built on-premises combined with the flexibility and cost efficiencies of the public cloud.

  • Case Study: Public Cloud Efficiency with Private Data Storage

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Access this white paper to discover how storing data on NetApp systems inside Equinix data centers with a dedicated, high-speed connection to AWS is enabling flexible IT for organizations that want to gain efficiencies of public cloud with the performance availability and control of private storage.

  • Effective Approaches to AWS Cloud Monitoring

    Sponsored by: SearchAWS

    Monitoring performance in AWS may require something beyond native tools such as CloudWatch.

  • Top tips and tricks to know before you launch with AWS

    Sponsored by: CloudHealth Technologies

    In this e-guide, learn from an AWS data science chief about hot topics for enterprises considering cloud, including cloud price wars, federation, big data and more. Additionally, get advice on what to consider when you're choosing a technology partner in AWS Marketplace.

  • In Cloud Storage, Options Abound

    Sponsored by:

    Examine cloud-based storage in terms of cost, manageability, security and latency/availability.

  • Sumo Logic featured in NewCloudViews

    Sponsored by: CloudHealth Technologies

    It's more necessary than ever to measure against business goals, manage more efficiently, and develop processes that automatically adapt to dynamic environments. Watch this video to find out how Sumo Logic used a highly scalable cloud management platform to evaluate, automate, and consolidate.

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