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  • Tackle IAM Issues with Risk-Based Identity Governance

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    Today, the key to securing the enterprise rests in an alternative IAM approach. IAM experts Warwick Ashford and Michele Chubirka present the benefits of risk-based IAM and using identity governance to secure applications and users.

  • HDAP: the Big Data LDAP Directory Storage

    Sponsored by: Radiant Logic, Inc.

    In this exclusive webcast, learn more about highly available directory access protocol (HDAP), which combined with identity virtualization and federation tools, offers more support, scalability, and performance for identity storage than LDAP.

  • Locking up the Cloud with IAM

    Sponsored by:

    In this exclusive e-book, you will learn from malware analyst Dejan Lukan, security expert Dave Shackelford and systems architect Dan Sullivan as they walk you through: IAM in the cloud through the use of public and private keys, 4 tips on hardening the security of cloud keys, and best practices for managing access and identity in the cloud age.

  • Stronger Identity and Password Management in 4 Steps

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    In this webcast, identity and access management (IAM) and password management insiders discuss strategies to mitigate poor user password practices. View now to learn about password synchronization, self-service password reset, enterprise single sign-on, and more.

  • 10 Tips to Help You Minimize the Duration and Impact of a Security Breach

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    Uncover the top 10 things you should do to enhance the security of your enterprise and reduce the duration and impact of a security breach.

  • Why Healthcare SSO is a Must-Have

    Sponsored by: Aventura

    As healthcare organizations adopt more cloud services, IT needs to mitigate poor password practices in their user base to avoid costly data breaches. This expert e-guide reviews why single sign-on (SSO) platforms have risen in popularity in healthcare organizations and presents the benefits of implementing SSO for your user base.

  • Overcome the Challenges of Privileged Access Management

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    There are serious consequences to poor password management practices and this webcast details them in-depth and offers proven strategies to secure your user base. View now to learn how to ensure robust management of administrator passwords.

  • Market Overview: Customer Identity and Access Management Solutions

    Sponsored by: Gigya

    How can you balance a seamless customer experience with a strong security strategy to protect customers' privacy? This Forrester report evaluates 7 customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution vendors, revealing the major strengths of each choice. Discover the key features to look for when deciding on a CIAM solution.

  • Identity Management for Consumer-Facing Enterprises

    Sponsored by: Gigya

    A superior strategy for customer identity and access management can improve marketing with targeted promotions. Access this resource to learn how to achieve a real-time view of the customer by converting trusted, opt-in third-party identities into first-party, enterprise-owned data

  • The Business Case for Hybrid Networks

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    The market for hybrid network services is growing rapidly which is driven by the increase in enterprise bandwidth consumption — growing by 30% a year, according to Gartner market research. Access this white paper now to discover if a hybrid network is right for your business.

  • Avoid the Top Password Management Challenges

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    Organizations, often fail to meet robust identity and access management (IAM) strategy requirements. In this expert e-guide, Maxine Holt, principal analyst at the Information Security Forum (ISF), explores the most common access control mistakes and offers best practices to correct and avoid them.

  • The Evolution of Consumer Identity: 5 Biggest Trends

    Sponsored by: Gigya

    This resource reveals the 5 biggest trends currently influencing the customer identity and access management space. Learn how to prepare for upcoming developments regarding traditional usernames and passwords vs biometric authentication, regional data privacy regulations, IoT, and more.

  • Securing Embedded Passwords with Privileged Access Management

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    This white paper outlines why it's important to secure embedded passwords to protect your data and users. Read on to learn the 13 steps to securing privileged accounts and passwords to boost your security.

  • Selecting a Privileged Identity Management Solution

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    There are a number of privileged identity management (PIM) solutions on the market today, but sifting through vendor hype quickly becomes laborious. This white paper provides and in-depth view of the leading PIM strategies and compares each to help you choose which approach is best for your organization.

  • Privileged Access Management Security Survey Results

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    This white paper provides you with the path to successful privileged access management (PAM) and securing your organization from identity fraud.

  • Why Identity is at the Heart of the IoT

    Sponsored by: Gigya

    This resource describes how a well-designed customer identity and access management (cIAM) strategy can unlock the true capabilities of the IoT. Discover use cases that demonstrate how cIAM can offer secure, personalized user experiences with connected products.

  • Integrating Password Management with Enterprise Single Sign-On

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    In this document, you will compare password synchronization and reset tech to enterprise SSO, and examine how each addresses the pressing business problem of securing authentication. Discover how to integrate these dueling technologies, and identify several interoperability challenges.

  • NCR Corporation Utilizes Security Suite to Manage Partner Access

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    In this case study, you will examine how NCR was able to automate their customers' access and password management for identities, entitlements and credentials across systems and applications. Access now to learn how this system reduced NCR IT service call volume.

  • Building Secure Multifactor Authentication

    Sponsored by: Okta

    As threats to password security have increased in recent years, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has rapidly gained adoption as a method for increasing the assurance of authentication for web and mobile applications. In this white paper, you'll explore the pros and cons of the several MFA strategies available.

  • Building, Installing, and Configuring a RADIUS Server

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    A RADIUS server can provide you with heightened security with user access monitoring, reporting and tracking functions, and personalized restrictions. This white paper walks you through each of the steps, settings, configurations, and the equipment needed to set up a RADIUS server.

  • Computer Weekly: Robots at Your Service

    Sponsored by:

    Many digitally revolutionary technologies are currently on the edge of the mainstream—including virtual reality, artificial intelligence for financial advice, and the Internet of Things. This week's issue of Computer Weekly discusses the limitations that are holding these technologies back from widespread adoption.

  • Top Identity Governance and Administration Vendors Examined

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this Gartner Magic Quadrant, you will explore the strengths of the leading IGA platforms and vendors. Access now to discover how to evaluate your needs and find which system best fits into your IAM and IGA strategy.

  • Best Practices for Securing Privileged Access

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    This extensive white paper describes the business problems which privileged access management system (PAMS)s are intended to address.

  • Adaptive MFA: Moving Beyond User Name and Password

    Sponsored by: Okta

    Is multifactor authentication (MFA) the key to protecting users? In this white paper, uncover the facts about MFA and how to secure accounts from unauthorized access, even if a password is compromised.

  • Secure Architecture for Mobile Device Access to On-Premise Applications

    Sponsored by: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

    This white paper examines a technical architecture that enables apps installed on mobile devices to access security-sensitive apps deployed inside a private network perimeter.

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