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  • Securing the Web: The Plight of the Modern Cybersecurity Team

    Whether they come from network, endpoint, or mobile devices, threats are getting more sophisticated and attack surfaces are getting larger. Discover how your security team can ensure that users get the same protection whether they are working on or off the corporate network using DNS security.

  • Waste Less Time Fighting Ransomware

    Don't become another ransomware casualty in their growing number of attacks. Learn the inner working of the modern ransomware threat, as well as how to prevent and contain it from harming your organization.

  • Your Checklist to Preventing and Fighting Ransomware

    With attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya in the news, the time to shore up your ransomware preparedness is now. Discover a 10 step checklist to improving your organization's ransomware defense.

  • Your Essential Guide to Cyberattacks

    Anyone with malicious intent can now target specific users or organizations by making use of the services of a professional hacker. In this white paper get to know your enemy and the threat landscape your enterprise is facing today.

  • 30 Minutes to a More Secure Enterprise

    Traditional defenses are no longer enough as under-the-radar attacks are wreaking havoc on enterprises that rely on antivirus products, firewalls, and sandboxing alone. Given the strain on your staff and already tight budget, DNS-layer security is becoming more valuable, especially as your first line of defense.

  • Case Study: Auto Supplier's DNS Security Lowered Alerts, Increased Protection

    Learn how a major automotive group was able to preemptively secure their globally distributed network against potential threats, safeguarding 2,500 users and their valuable intellectual property.

  • Your In-Depth 2017 Cybersecurity Report

    Out of all of the myriad solutions on the market, information remains one of the greatest weapons that an enterprise can arm itself with. In this expansive 110-page report discover a wealth of research, insights, and perspectives on the current state of cybersecurity.

  • Prevent Attacks, Don't React: Deploying a Preventative Security Model

    Discover how to implement a cloud-delivered, predictive security model that can block phishing attempts, bespoke malware, and other evolving threats from the moment attackers first start spinning up their attack infrastructure.

  • Executive Relevance Selling

    Learn how to win and sustain business at the highest levels win an Executive Relevance Selling (ERS) program from Comstor.

  • Step Up to Cisco Premier

    Access this one-page resource to learn about Step Up to Cisco Premier, a unique training that can help your associates receive the Cisco Premier certification so you can identify your company as a qualified, trained, and experienced Cisco resource.

  • A guide to selling managed services: VoIP and unified communications

    Learn more about why VARs are transitioning to become MSPs and uncover key tips for adding managed services to your offerings.

  • Doing Business with Comstor

    Learn more about Comstor, a leader in Cisco product distribution and an established provider of networking and advanced technology solutions.

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