Equinix and Ospero: A Business Partnership Success Story

Equinix and Ospero: A Business Partnership Success Story


Are you looking for a way to expand your organisation and reach markets in other parts of the globe? To do so would require you to take your infrastructure with you, or require you to revamp your existing infrastructure to make and accept those network connections, and then issues of latency comes into play. But what if you had a partner to help make these transitions and could provide the infrastructure you need, when you need it, and on your terms?

If this is the case, watch this webcast from Equinix detailing a success story between Equinix and global cloud-provider Ospero, and learn how Equinix’ DataCentre-as-a-service helped Ospero meet their business goals by providing them the ability to:

  • Go to market quickly, within 5 days of contract signing
  • Reduce latency with access to over 100 globally placed data centres and cross-connects
  • Market and reach customers across the globe through cross-connects and datacentre participation
  • And more
May 2, 2014
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